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New rooms!

On the 9th of August 2011 Dr McKellar moved into his new rooms in Riccarton, Christchurch. A fully renovated, easy to access, single story eathquake-proof bungalow right across the road from Westfield Mall.


Dr McKellar’s main practice in the Harley Chambers in Christchurch was damaged by the February earthquake. Patient records and equipment were all retrieved and normal services contined at temporary locations.

National Health Innovation Award

The innovative way Dr McKellar managed West Coast patients requiring cataract surgery was recognised at the 2008 National Health Innovation Award ceremony. Dr McKellar, together with local optometrists, general practitioners and the DHB designed a new system that dramatically reduces the waiting times for cataract surgery and frees up outpatient clinic space for patients with […]

Allogeneic serum eye drops

In conjunction with Dr Krishna Badami of the New Zeakland Transfusion Service, Dr McKellar developed a new way to treat patients with dry eye. Serum (the straw coloured component of blood) has been used for some time to treat a variety of eye diseases. Until now patients could only benefit if there were willing and […]

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