Avoiding Eye Injuries

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Prevention is better than cure. Always wear eye protection when doing something potentially dangerous.


Ultraviolet light is one of the hidden eye dangers.

  • Avoid being outside when UV levels are high
  • Wear a broad brimmed sunhat and sunglasses when outdoors
  • Buy sunglasses that meet international standards


Fireworks cause both chemical and thermal eye injuries.

  • Never let children play with fireworks unsupervised
  • Wear eye protection when using fireworks
  • View fireworks from a safe distance
  • Never return to lit fireworks
  • Never hold fireworks in your hand or point them at others


Laser pointers can cause severe retinal damage.

  • Never point laser pointers at eyes or reflective surfaces

Paint ball

Paint ball pellets cause severe eye inguries. Over 80% of injuries require surgery and 20% result in removal of the eye.

  • Always wear eye protection
  • Never aim at an ‘enemies’ head

Power tools

Most eye injuries occur at home

  • If you use a lawnmower, leaf-blower, drill or similar power tools, you need protective eyewear
  • Safety glasses should have a snug, wrap-style frame to decrease the likelihood of small, high speed objects getting behind the lenses


Squash balls are the number one cause of severe sports related eye injuries.

  • Wear safety spectacles when playing racquet sports

Champagne corks

Champagne corks can cause severe eye injuries.

  • Make sure the champagne is well chilled
  • Never shake the bottle
  • Point the cork away from yourself and others
  • Keep your hand on the cork as you remove it
  • Use a twisting action rather than levering the cork off
  • Let the gas escape slowly


Both acids and alkalis cause severe eye injuries.

  • Always wear eye protection
  • Never mix two types of chemical together to avoid an explosion
  • Put down containers carefully to avoid splashes
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