Watching an Eclipse

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Eclipse watching is one of life’s simple pleasures but needs to be done carefully to avoid eye damage.


Look directly at the sun
View the sun through a piece of smoked glass
Look at the sun through binoculars or telescopes

Eclipse glasses

Available ONLY from observatories. You can safely look directly at the sun as 99% of light is filtered. DO NOT trust other vendors of ‘solar filter glasses.’

Home made projector

Stand with your back to the eclipse. Point a pair of binoculars over your shoulders at the sun and project the image onto a wall or piece of white paper. DO NOT look towards the sun or into the binoculars.


Make a small hole in a piece of paper or card. Stand with your back to the eclipse. Hold the pinhole between you and a blank surface. Small holes give crisp but dull images whereas larger holes make the image brighter but fuzzy.

‘Shadow puppet’ pinholes

If you forget to prepare you can make a pinhole grid with your hands. Overlap your outstretched fingers at 90 degrees and place your hands so that the sun is behind you and the shadow falls on a blank surface.

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