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Dr McKellar operating in Labasa, Fiji

Dr McKellar operating in Labasa, Fiji

Dr McKellar is passionately interested in helping eye doctors and their patients in the ‘Two-Thirds World’. He has worked in Vanuatu, Fiji and Israel-Palestine including the Gaza Strip, and is a member of VOSO.


Volunteer Ophthalmic Services Overseas (VOSO), is a joint project of New Zealand optometrists and ophthalmologists which sends around six specialist medical teams to various South Pacific destinations each year.

Each year Dr McKellar travels to Labasa, Fiji with a senior trainee eye surgeon and four optometrists.

During the two weeks of each visit the team screens around 1,500 patients and performs 60-80 cataract operations, usually for patients who have been completely blinded by their condition.


Read this Observer Article [pdf 639KB] to find out more about Dr McKellar’s humanitarian work.

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