Climate change – our role

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Climate change

One of the key conclusions of the Paris climate change talks was that the private sector is critical to achieving emission goals.

Here’s how Dr Malcolm McKellar Ltd is contributing.

Branch clinics

Dr McKellar travels to Rangiora, Hokitika and Queenstown to see patients. This saves over 170,000 km of patient travel per year. That equates to over 90 tonnes of carbon! 

Carbon offsetting

The carbon emissions from all of Dr McKellar’s flights, and any made by his staff to attend conferences etc, are offset by tree planting in the Rarakau Rainforest Conservation Project in Southland.

Active transport

Dr McKellar walks to work and rides his electric bike to the airport. Not only does this reduce carbon emissions it’s a great way to stay active and healthy. It also saves $85 a week in taxi fares, rapidly paying off the cost of  his Pedego bike. Two of Dr McKellar’s staff also walk or ride to work. 


Dr McKellar is a major sponsor of the new Christchurch Bikeshare project.

Architectural design

Dr McKellar’s main rooms in Christchurch are mostly naturally lit by either external windows and solar tubes. Supplemental lighting is provided with low consumption LED lighting. The Riccarton rooms are north facing and easy to heat and cool. Heating and cooling is managed by an industrial heat pump system but we also use nature. Yes, we open the main door when the weather helps cool or warm the building.

Dr McKellar operates at the state of the art Christchurch Eye Surgery. This building has won numerous architectural and business awards. Sustainable features include low maintenance materials, bespoke heating and cooling systems, solar tubes to light internal rooms, and advanced steralising procedures matched perfectly to our equipment to reduce energy costs. All windows are double glazed, argon filled and tinted to reduce solar gain and the need to use air conditioning in summer. The building is photovoltaic capable and features charging stations for electric cars and bikes.

The small stuff

We recycle everything we can, with at-source separation of waste. Computers, printers etc are recycled to charitable organisations or individuals.

Patient’s role

How can patients help? We encourage people to use active and public transport to attend Dr McKellar’s clinics. In Christchurch this is so easy with bicycle stands at the Riccarton rooms and one of the best bus services in Christchurch just metres away on Riccarton Road. To encourage public transport use, tell us you came by bus and we’ll take the amount off your consultation fee OR donate the equivalent of your bus fare to organisations dedicated to restoring vision in the South Pacific. 

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