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The Mountie - Be Seen, Be SafeMountie | The Easy Way to Mount Any Bike Light onto a Helmet from Dr Malcolm McKellar on Vimeo.

When Dr McKellar wanted to attach lights to his sons’ bike helmets, there was nothing available except expensive high tech options. Carving a piece of broom handle in the garage and fitting it into a helmet was his simple and cost-effective solution to improving his sons’ safety. The enthusiastic response of his friends made him realise that this was actually an invention worth pursuing.

The New Zealand Ministry of Science and Innnovation also recognised the potential of the invention and provided funding to support the initial design and technical development. The prototype was converted into a CAD file by Rory Jones at La Plastecnica, and 3D printed at Massey University. Debbie Roberts of Indigo Marketing and Cindy Condon helped with the design and marketing plan, and the product is now manufactured in Christchurch.

‘The Mountie’ is a small gadget which allows any handlebar-mounted bike light to be fitted onto a vented cycle helmet. It is sold in cycle shops throughout New Zealand, keeping kids and adults safer on their bikes. If your local store doesn’t stock them, just let us know and we’ll get one to you right away.

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