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Dr Malcolm McKellar

Dr Malcolm McKellar

It can be a little intimidating seeing a new doctor. What’s he like? Where does he work? Where will I park? What should I take? What will happen?

We hope the following information will make your appointment as trouble free as possible.

The consultation process

Examining eyes can be a complicated process that involves several steps and multiple tests.

  • You will initially be seen by one of Dr McKellar’s staff who will discuss your eye condition and perform basic eye tests such as vision with and without glasses, pupil reactions and a glaucoma test
  • Other examinations such as peripheral vision and colour vision testing may also be conducted as appropriate
  • The nurse may dilate your pupils to enable the back of the eye to be examined. It takes about 20 minutes for the pupils to dilate
  • You will then see Dr McKellar who will examine your eyes and visual system
  • Additional tests, if required, may be performed by one of the other staff
  • Dr McKellar will reach a diagnosis and outline a treatment plan

Time frames

Please note that you are likely to be at Dr McKellar’s rooms for at least an hour. Dr McKellar makes every attempt to see patients on time but delays do occur:

  • Emergency conditions are given priority
  • Even ‘routine’ referrals can turn out to be very complex and require more time than planned
  • Dr McKellar tries to spend enough time at the first visit to solve each patient’s problem without the need for follow up visits

What to bring

Dr McKellar will have received a referral letter, usually from your optometrist or general practitioner and have a general idea of your eye problem. Please bring the following:

  • Your glasses or contact lenses
  • A list of the medicines you take
  • A support person is very welcome and should come in with you for the entire consultation process

Practical issues

A couple of important things:

  • There are plenty of carparks in Christchurch, Rangiora, Queenstown and Hokitika. In Riccarton parking is beside the rooms in Dallas Street. Park ONLY in Dr McKellar’s parks which are clearly labelled.
  • You may need your pupils dilated. This will blur your vision and make you sensitive to light. It is usually fine to drive home but some patients find it very difficult. Bring sunglasses and consider having another driver.

More information?

If you have any questions please contact the Christchurch rooms on 03 343 6033.

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